As a child I loved to find out how things worked by taking them apart. To the annoyance of my parents few things ever got put back together again. The child in me still likes to dismantle, dissect, enquire and play with the parts, but now they get reassembled into again! Once separated from their origin and combined with other found objects and ephemera they enter my 'World of the Re-imagined' - and a new story begins.

I have always loved the idea of liberating these unwanted or forgotten objects giving them new life and meaning through the creation of these assemblage pieces.

The components may have originated hundreds of miles apart but in my studio they are  woven into a new whole, with new meaning.  Many of these creations have a real or imagined story attached but some are left to the beholder's own imagination.

The unique and unusual ‘elements’ I use in my artworks are largely sourced from my own and inherited collections - a lifetime obsession with the weird, wonderful and often 'useless things'.

These elements of vintage ephemera, old dolls, toy parts, photographs, unwanted and often broken objects can now enjoy a renaissance with their chance to become part of a new artwork in my 'Re-imagined World'.