'Ahead of the Game' #4

'Ahead of the Game' #4 is an assemblage using a beautiful doll's head, Lotto pieces from the 1930s, dominoes, chess pieces, a handmade wooden body and game definitions for Chess, Poker, Roulette and Bezique, using original pages from a 1914 dictionary. Presented in a heavy (4mm) glass dome.


The head can be swivelled in either direction depending on where you would like the face relative to the four panels.

The piece measures 263mm high and the main body is 112mm square.

£325 -  Shipping to the UK  £8.95

Please enquire for overseas delivery.

'Gigabyte Barometer'

This is the expansion of a smaller work ('Two Hundred Minutes') which uses a vintage mahogany cigar box, a vintage Turkish Delight circular wooden box circa 1950 and a 125Gb highly polished mirror-finish hard drive disc.


Resembling the ubiquitous wooden barometer which hung in many a hallway in the 1930s, this piece uses the primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue to create a very striking assemblage, both colourful and tactile is entitled 'Gigabyte Barometer'. And yes, the wheel spins freely on its precision bearings!


This wall-mounted piece is 435mm tall by 150mm wide by 45mm deep.

£225 -  Shipping to the UK  £8.95

'The Electriloquist'

Cecil Peckwater was a rather dubious character from the 1940s. He garnered fame from his travelling ventriloquist show which he performed at fairs and circuses around the country. However, he wasn't really a ventriloquist at all - he cheated - using his patented 'Electriloquist' Machine, the workings of which are clearly exposed in this piece. The invention, made from old radio parts (and a futuristic circuit board obtained using his own 'Time Machine') allowed him to artificially throw his voice via the speech generator, amplifier and multi-sensory integration engine through the little loudspeaker on the dummy's plinth.


This assemblage uses a 1930s French wooden 'Lotto' box, a 1940's radio valve, a 1920's radio transmitter's tuning coil, an antique bisque German doll's head, a circuit board from a 1980's car phone, acrylic paint etc.


The piece measures 370mm high, has a maximum width of 220mm and is 138mm deep.

£325   -  Shipping to the UK  £8.95

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