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'Sally Flies Over The Rainbow'

During my flying training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in the 1960s we all had a name for various aircraft we flew. They were all of course ladies and mine was always 'Sally'. As a late teenager I looked to the future as most young people do with hope and ambition and flying through the clouds over the great English countryside I felt that anything was possible and nothing was ever out of reach if you tried hard enough. In reality simple physics dictates that you can never actually fly 'over' a rainbow or even through it as it will always evade you and always be in front of you! However, for me, anything was possible back then and I always believed that Sally and I would one day fly right over that rainbow!


This collage was made using parts from the actual manual aviation computer I was issued with in the Royal Air Force along with colour plates from a 1914 dictionary and an illustration from a 1928 magazine.

Stockholm Sweden

'Sunrise' - 'Mother Earth' - 'Once in a Blue Moon' - Triptych

Tonbridge, Kent - UK

'Poker Face'

Hannover - Germany

'Once in a Blue Moon' #2

'Ahead of the Game' #2

Hannover - Germany

Hannover - Germany

'Ahead of the Game'

Teddington - UK

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